Save during your PCS stay


SAVE 10%, 15%, 25% OR 100% off your PCS stay! *

PICK UP a scratch-off card on base at PSD, the housing office, household goods, the personal property office or NEX Customer Service desk or call 800-628-9466 and we will send you one!

PRESENT the scratch-off card at check out and see how much additional money you will save.

SAVE today on your PCS move at any Navy Lodge in the continental US and let us be your "home when you’re between homes".

Authorized Navy Lodge guests on PCS orders can take advantage of the PCS savings. Scratch off must be used at detaching command location and/or the reporting command location at any Navy Lodge in the continental US. All stays must be completed by 28 February 2018.

* The seal may only be removed by Navy Lodge staff upon check out. The seal is void if scratched, detached, or tampered with prior to validation. Your discount is valid on the room rate only (up to 20 days). Additional Navy Lodge services do not apply, nor may additional items be added after the discount is revealed. Limit one discount per purchase. Nontransferable. 10% Minimum discount per transaction.

This offer is limited to PCS guests only. Valid at all CONUS locations until February 28, 2018